Progress Through People

Our Vision

We imagine a world in which …

Everyone belongs, is seen, and is recognized.

Everyone has equity in what is built, from systems and products to communities and organizations.

Shareholding is an active value and process of increasing equity for everyone in the orbit of an organization, system, or community.

Mindsets are shifted from bottom-line thinking and short-term goals toward longevity and prosperity for all.

Being a “shareholder” redirects power dynamics from top-down models toward equitable co-ownership.

We believe this is progress.


Sharehold is Progress Through People


As an innovation agency focused on people-driven change, Sharehold is redefining who counts as a shareholder. To us, ‘shareholders’ are no longer just those financially invested in a company. They are everyone in an organization’s orbit. We believe every organization should actively foster belonging by serving the entire community — customers, end-users, beneficiaries, employees, and others. To us, community and belonging are the future of economies and society.

That means co-designing solutions for, with, and by people.

Let’s get started with yours.


Sharehold Began as an Experiment

In 2017, Sarah Judd-Welch and Allie Mahler were running thriving companies - Loyal and Community By Design (respectively). 

Working at the intersection of community and design, each was wondering how to increase the significance of their work and make a greater impact on the world.

They were asking questions like, “What does it mean to belong?” and “How can we expand the definition of ‘shareholder’?”. 

Looking to test their potential exponential power and find answers to those really big questions, Sarah and Allie worked together to run a set of experiments. 

Each one was a success and, by mid-2018, Community by Design and Loyal merged to become Sharehold.

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