Progress Through People

Hi, we’re Sharehold.


We’re not just about blue-skies.

We implement bright ideas too.

Sharehold is an innovation agency focused on people-driven change. 

We help organizations undertake self-sustaining transformation for, with, and by their people. 

Sharehold excels at taking bold ideas for ground-up change and creating a roadmap to make them real.

To us, “progress” means seeking out win-win results by bridging the gap between what systems, communities, customers, and stakeholders all need.


So, what’s keeping you up at night?

We believe the strongest solutions for the things waking you up at 3 AM are at the intersection of what your organization and your community need. 

Our approach enables organizations to work through the knots and bottlenecks keeping them from reaching their full potential.

Sharehold specializes in bridging the gaps between systems, employees, customers, and stakeholders, allowing them to overcome the predicaments causing sleepless nights. 


This is Where We Shine

Over the past decade, we’ve developed a rigorous, fearless process for innovation, community, and design work that sets us apart. We work across the following areas of expertise:

Research and Insights

& Insights

Design Research
Board of Customers
Product Innovation
Customer Journey Mapping

Community Design


Community Strategy 
Program Design & Development 
Membership Strategy

Org Design


Strategic Planning
Inclusive Culture
Team Experiences

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Design Thinking 
Innovation & Idea Generation
Community Leadership 
Customer Journey Mapping


Organizations we work with are typically asking questions like:

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What do our customers or communities need?

How can we best serve them?

blue logo scatters bkgd copy 10.png

How do we build a thriving community?

Who will lead our success?

blue logo scatters bkgd copy 11.png

Where are we going?

How do we bring our people with us?


What questions are you asking?


 We’ve worked with

... and many more.


We are the sum of our parts


Allie Mahler, Co-Founder & CCO | Sarah Judd Welch, Co-Founder & CEO


These are the brilliant people who make it happen:

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