The Wing v1


Design research and journey mapping with the rapidly-scaling network of dynamic work community spaces for self-identifying women.

service offering

  • Design Research (Organizational, Community & Inspiration)

  • Journey Mapping

  • Onboarding

  • Community Strategy

  • Co-Design

  • Experimentation with Prototyping & Validation

  • Program Design

challenge statement

How might we increase intimacy between Wing Women and deepen their loyalty and engagement as The Wing scales internationally?


  • We were tasked by The Wing to understand the journey of current and future “Wing Women” and to better understand their needs and desires for membership and community.

  • We conducted design research with 14 Wing employees, 30+ Wing Women, plus additional research with women in comparable networks to understand The Wing experience and journey from start to finish — from first hearing about The Wing and applying through becoming a member, starting on your first day, and engaging with the community r over time.

  • Based on our insights, Sharehold developed a journey map and identified moments of opportunity to deepen community intimacy, loyalty, and engagement.

  • In a co-design workshop with The Wing’s leadership, we co-created 5 experiments/prototypes to address these moments of opportunity. Sharehold tested the prototypes and evaluated success.

  • One experiment moved forward — a buddy matching tool. Sharehold custom-built a system for matching members, which is now used by thousands of Wing Women nationally and( soon) internationally, as part of their Wing journey.



  • Designed 5 experiments, including the buddy matching system that exceeded engagement targets by 4X and scaled globally

  • Facilitated2 co-design workshop 

  • Designed the journey map for the current member experience

  • Interviewed 14 team members and 30+ women 

  • Surveyed non-Wing members to learn about external perceptions

[Sharehold] helped us research, tap into the minds of our members, share it back with our team and help us identify our biggest opportunities for growth and improvement along the member journey.
— Marianna Martinelli, Director of Member Experience, The Wing


  • Sarah Judd Welch

  • Allie Mahler

  • Amy Fuller

  • Christine Sirois

  • Aly Hassel

  • Lianna Woods

  • Zak Tracy