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American Medical Association

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The City of New York


Metlife Foundation

The Wing



Innovation & Idea Generation Workshop, team experience (retreat)

Equipped 30 global leaders within the world’s leading brewer with the toolkit and mindset to rapidly generate and evaluate ideas for the future.

challenge statement

How might we get unstuck in generating new ideas for new products and businesses that address emerging consumer needs?


  • ZX Ventures, the global growth and innovation group within Anheuser-Busch (the world’s leading brewer) invited Sharehold to lead an elite group of market leaders from within Anheuser-Busch’s Brazil, China, and Europe offices through guided brainstorming and idea generation sessions to develop new business ideas. We were asked to developa workshop that was fun and casual to match the company’s culture and compliment the end of a grueling day of presentations. 

  • As part of a 3-day company retreat and following a deep-dive into emerging consumer insights, Sharehold was tasked with closing the day by inviting leaders to apply their newly acquired insights to the future. Framed around both pre-identified and impromptu opportunity areas (including “delight,” “experience,” and “connection”)  Sharehold facilitated rapid-fire idea generation and evaluation in a spirited and playful format. Ideas generated ranged from global marketing campaigns to mobile apps, all with an eye to Anheuser-Busch’s future growth and new market ideas. 

  • The workshop participants generated more than 300 generated ideas and prioritized three concepts Anheuser-Busch pursued for further evaluation. 

  • Most importantly, Sharehold left each market leader with a repeatable process and toolkit for brainstorming and idea generation to bring back to their local teams.


  • Three prioritized concepts that applied emerging consumer insights

  • Provided a repeatable methodology for rapidly generating and evaluating new ideas


Team: Allie Mahler • Sarah Judd Welch


American Medical Association

Design Research (Organizational & Community), Community Strategy (Platform Selection), Program Design & Development (Ambassador Program), strategic planning

Realigning the American Medical Association’s community strategy and experience by uncovering and integrating physician members’ needs.

challenge statement

How might we rebuild the AMA physician member experience in a way that resonates with members, yet strives toward the AMA’s business goals?


  • After realizing their online community programs weren’t as effective as they’d hoped, the AMA  invited Sharehold to rebuild AMA’s approach to serving physicians. The focus of this project was on defining and aligning AMA’s strategy with member needs. 

  • Sharehold conducted design research alongside quantitative assessments with the AMA team and members to find where community and organizational needs overlap. We also audited the current community platform experience and performance.

  • We facilitated a Design Sprint workshop to generate and evaluate many ideas and concepts for the community moving forward, ultimately prioritizing five program solutions, both online and offline. 

  • From there, Sharehold developed a community strategy and roadmap based on the insights to shape both online and offline community programs. 

  • Finally, we identified the requirements for a new community platform that better aligned with their programmatic, business and member needs. Sharehold vetted and selected a vendor for this, saving the AMA about $500,000 per year. 



  • Selected a community platform vendor based on organizational and community needs, saving the AMA  ~$500,000 per year

  • Designed five program solutions that changed how AMA serves physicians

  • Facilitated three co-design workshops with the senior team to define a strategic plan and community strategy 

  • Conducted design research with the AMA team and more than 20 physicians

  • Delivered a robust strategic plan for digital and offline programs to both expand the reach of networks and the depth of connection between the AMA and other physicians 


Team: Sarah Judd Welch • Karen Schoelkopf • Allie Mahler • Carrie Mellissa Jones • Lianna Woods • Amy Fuller • Christine Sirois


Austin College

Design Research (Organizational, Community & Inspiration), Community Strategy, Program Design & Development, Strategic Planning

Creating the future of business education at liberal arts-focused Austin College alongside with students, alumni, faculty, local employers, funders, and the Mayor.

challenge statement

How might we align Austin College’s faculty, students, funders, and employers around a shared vision for the future of the university’s business education?


  • With the upcoming reconstruction and opening of Austin College’s Jack B. Morris Center for Business Studies, Sharehold was asked us to lead Austin College’s strategic planning process. Our goal was to align all stakeholders – students, alumni, faculty, local employers, funders, and the Mayor – around a shared vision for Austin College’s new business program. This included the vision/mission, value proposition, and competitive advantage. It also required developing strategies for  curriculum, concentrations, programs, and career services. Sharehold also included an architectural and interior design strategy for fostering community in the physical space of the new building to support the vision and anticipated activities.

  • We conducted design research with the faculty and administrators of Austin College and with the community who would be served by the Center, including students, alumni, local employers, and more, as well as an Inspiration Scan that included best-in-class business programs within liberal arts colleges and internal centers of excellence within leading corporations.

  • Sharehold then gathered the Strategic Planning Committee, faculty, students, the Mayor, and local business owners for a Co-Design Workshop to evaluate and build upon four distinct design opportunities for Austin College. The aim was to shape the future of  Curriculum & Programming, Resources & Staffing, Community Engagement, and Architectural Strategy at Austin College’s Jack B. Morris Center for Business Studies.

  • Based on the concepts from the Co-Design Workshop, we circulated surveys within the student body and faculty to validate concepts and confirm the strategy for moving ahead. 

  • Sharehold provided Austin College with a clear plan to fundraise for the future, as well as straightforward next steps for internal faculty development, program testing, and iteration.



  • Designed a shared vision for the future of Austin College’s business education

  • Facilitated two interactive co-design workshops with faculty, students, and other community members

  • Interviewed 40+ individuals across students, alumni, faculty, and inspirational business programs

  • Conducted a survey with current students and faculty 

  • Lead the architectural strategy to express the vision

  • Validated the Strategic Plan

[Sharehold was] professional, responsive, imaginative and ultimately captured the very essence of our institution as it is and as it could be.
— Bell Gill, Dean of Faculty, Austin College

Team: Aria Joughin • Sarah Judd Welch • Allie Mahler • Scott Weiss • Lindsay Calhoun • Caroline Brennan • Christine Sirois


Champalimaud Design

Design Research (Organizational), Design Thinking Workshop, Innovation & Idea Generation Workshop, Inclusive Culture, team experience (retreat)

Leading a cultural reset after a leadership transition with one of the world’s top luxury interior design firms.

challenge statement

How might we design a culture of creativity, permission, and collaboration for a company enduring a challenging leadership transition?


  • Champalimaud Design, one of the top luxury interior design companies in the world, approached Sharehold to a cultural reboot  after their magnetic founder moved into a new role 

  • Sharehold conducted design research with their team at all levels. From junior designers to senior partners, the goal was to identify perspectives on and desires for the Champalimaud work experience. This project focused on fostering a culture of creativity, permission and collaboration. 

  • At the company retreat, we facilitated our Design Thinking Workshop using Champalimaud’s culture as the design subject. We led the team through explorations of cultural pillars, generating many solutions to foster creativity and collaboration across the company. 

  • Ultimately, the team designed and prioritized three strategic programs for the company to organize around and bring into the workplace.

  • Post-workshops, employees self-organized around these programs and brought them into life as employee-led initiatives.


  • Identified three strategic programs to bring into fruition for culture change

  • Interviewed 10 members of Champalimaud Design to uncover Organizational Insights

  • Facilitated a co-design workshop for 22 members of the leadership team at an intimate upstate retreat to explore cultural pillars

  • Taught design thinking in practice

Sharehold has been a great partner for bringing together our eclectic group of talents. With their expert guidance, we learn a new approach to problem-solving. Allie and Sarah provided an entertaining way to motivate our team to ‘do’ and not just ‘think’. Not only our seminar was a beautiful experience but got the opportunity to pivot as an organization. By applying the principles of design thinking, we have now the mindset and methodology to nourish personal and professional growth for everyone.
— Cedric Gairard , Board Member / Strategy Advisor, Champalimaud Design

Team: Sarah Judd Welch • Allie Mahler • Aly Hassel • Lianna Woods • Amy Fuller


The City of New York

design thinking workshop

Instructed 800+ New Yorkers in design thinking, providing them with the toolkit and mindsets to improve the quality of life for seniors, youth and immigrants in NYC.

challenge statement

How might we inspire everyday New Yorkers to solve local challenges using the tools of design thinking and product design?


  • In partnership with Civic Hall Labs and the NYC Economic Development Corporation, we developed a series of eight design thinking workshops for BigApps NYC. 

  • Aiming to engage and empower everyday New Yorkers from all five boroughs with design thinking methodology, tools and mindsets, the workshop focused on developing solutions to improve the quality of life for seniors, youth, and immigrants in NYC. 

  • Using their newly acquired design thinking tools, participants researched and designed solutions for challenges within their own communities.



  • Delivered 8 workshops that reached over 800+ participants

  • Managed a network of 50+ mentors for teams to access during workshops

  • Prepped teams for the opportunity to win $30,000 to launch their products & services, some of which are still active today

  • One solution from the workshop went to market and is still active today. The SMS-based service provides schedules and updates for Dollar Vans, the word-of-mouth commuter ride-sharing service used predominantly by immigrant communities in New York City’s outer boroughs. 


Team: Allie Mahler • Scott Weiss • Kathleen Cunningham

Community Leadership Workshop, Design Research (Organizational), Customer Journey Mapping, Community StrategY (SuperUser Program), Program Design & Development, Team ExperienceS

Provided the team with the tools and methodology to successfully build a community of life-long changemakers with, for, and by young people.

challenge statement

How might we thoughtfully build a community that grows young people’s leadership as changemakers while supporting’s retention goals?


  •, the digital platform for empowering offline action by young people for real-world impact, asked Sharehold to expertly guide their community strategy leading into the 2019 school year. The goal was to provide their team with the tools and best practices to bring their community-building skills into the future. 

  • Sharehold lead the entire team (including product, marketing, design, research, and community) through a full-day Community Leadership Workshop. 

  • We started by teaching the team how to think with a user-first mindset to foster collaboration and co-ownership with community members. This meant aligning goals for the community program around community members’ needs. 

  • Next, we explored how to distribute power and leadership among young people. The intention of this exercise is building an identity within community members as “doers” to form a life-long habit of taking action for social change. This, in turn, increases the capacity of’s team and supports the organization’s retention goals. 

  • Sharehold worked with to create a prioritized decision matrix for evaluating ideas that support both the community and’s goals.


  • Aligned community and company needs for a clear community leadership strategy that empowers young people to lead


Team: Sarah Judd Welch • Allie Mahler • Carrie Melissa Jones • Aria Joughin • Katie Meade



Design Research (Organizational, Community & Inspiration), Customer journey Mapping, Community Strategy, Membership Strategy, Team ExperienceS (RetreaT), strategic planning

Designing an organizational strategy rooted in a values-driven membership model with the ground-breaking everybody-friendly, artist-driven, God- optional, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings.

challenge statement

How might we align the community and Lab/Shul’s team around a shared vision of the future and an inclusive membership model that supports all members?


  • Building on seven years of growth, Lab/Shul invited Sharehold to lead their strategic planning process and co-design a values-driven membership model to grow their community. Critical to success was building consensus and aligning the community, team, and board. The strategic plan focused on six capacity areas: Membership Model, Target Markets & Programming, Board & Lay Leadership, Physical Home, Digital Reach, and Infrastructure. 

  • We conducted design research with the Lab/Shul team and board and community via interviews, community roundtables, and member-led interview formats.

  • Sharehold facilitated  4 interactive co-design workshops, including a team retreat, and a community co-design workshop. The community co-design portion included an “Idea Catalogue” at “Ideation Stations” where the community evaluated 30+ concepts developed by Sharehold. The community worked collaboratively to refine the options and co-create a new membership model, as well as the strategy for each pillar of the strategic plan.

  • We tested and validated membership pricing and strategies with core community members, as well as solicited additional feedback on concepts from the community-at-large via a survey. 

  • We then finalized the strategic plan and designed it!


  • Designed an inclusive, values-driven membership model

  • Facilitated four interactive co-design workshops with the team, board, and community members

  • Hosted community roundtables and empowered members to lead interviews

  • Conducted an all-community survey and quantitative analysis

  • Developed, cataloged, and evaluated 30+ ideas for real estate, membership models, programming and more 

  • Validated the Strategic Plan

  • Engaged more than 300 community members and  community ties in the process

Sharehold is comprised of highly intelligent, creative and forward thinking professional from various backgrounds. They have a deep toolbox of methodologies and tactics which enable them to deeply understand each organization’s particular challenges and opportunities, and develop innovative strategies for success. They bring their entire selves to their work - their minds, hearts and souls. They select projects they are truly passionate about, dive into the work as vested partners, and are an absolute pleasure to work with overall.
— Sarah Sokolic, Executive Director, Lab/Shul

Team: Allie Mahler • Sarah Judd Welch • Lianna Woods • Scott Weiss • Christine Sirois • Lindsay Calhoun • Amy Fuller


MetLife Foundation

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop, Team Experience

Empowered 13 global teams with a user-centered approach to innovating customer experience for financial inclusion products and services.

challenge statement

How might we inspire the InclusionPlus finalists with actionable takeaways to innovate and improve the customer experience of their financial inclusion products and services?


  • We partnered with the MetLife Foundation and Verb on the InclusionPlus Global Summit to create an interactive and immersive two-day experience. The program was designed to include 13 challenge finalist teams with more than 70 participants from over 13 countries including Bangladesh, China, Spain, Ireland, and South Korea.

  • The focal point of this experience was a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop designed to empower each team with a toolkit and mindsets to improve their customer experience. 

  • In the workshop, participants did the following:

    • Explored one of the core methods of human-centered design through understanding and creating a customer journey map. 

    • Expanded their understanding of why customers are an important resource when it comes to innovating products, services, and experiences. 

    • Learned tools of ethnographic research to understand who their core users are (from their motivations, desires, hopes and fears - and how these influence each touchpoint  of the experience, product or service) 

  • Each participant left with a journey mapping template, methods, tools and list of ideas with next steps to bring back to their teams to improve their customers’ experience.



  • Facilitated the Customer Journey Mapping workshop for 70+ participants from more than 13 countries teaching participants how to bring a user-centered approach to their financial inclusion products and services


Team: Sarah Judd Welch • Allie Mahler • scott weiss • Amy Fuller


The Wing


Design research and journey mapping with the rapidly-scaling network of dynamic work community spaces for self-identifying women.

challenge statement

How might we increase intimacy between Wing Women and deepen their loyalty and engagement as The Wing scales internationally?


  • We were tasked by The Wing to understand the journey of current and future “Wing Women” and to better understand their needs and desires for membership and community. 

  • We conducted design research with 14 Wing employees, 30+ Wing Women, plus additional research with women in comparable networks to understand The Wing experience and journey from start to finish —  from first hearing about The Wing and applying through becoming a member, starting on your first day, and engaging with the community r over time. 

  • Based on our insights, Sharehold developed a journey map and identified moments of opportunity to deepen community intimacy, loyalty, and engagement. 

  • In a co-design workshop with The Wing’s leadership, we co-created 5 experiments/prototypes to address these moments of opportunity. Sharehold tested the prototypes and evaluated success. 

  • One experiment moved forward — a buddy matching tool. Sharehold custom-built a system for matching members, which is now used by thousands of Wing Women nationally and( soon) internationally, as part of their Wing journey.



  • Designed 5 experiments, including the buddy matching system that exceeded engagement targets by 4X and scaled globally

  • Facilitated2 co-design workshop 

  • Designed the journey map for the current member experience

  • Interviewed 14 team members and 30+ women 

  • Surveyed non-Wing members to learn about external perceptions

[Sharehold] helped us research, tap into the minds of our members, share it back with our team and help us identify our biggest opportunities for growth and improvement along the member journey.
— Marianna Martinelli, Director of Member Experience, The Wing
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Team: Sarah Judd Welch • Allie Mahler • Amy Fuller • Christine Sirois • Aly Hassel • Lianna Woods • Zak Tracy

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